Amikuk, Yup'ik raku mask

This mask sculpture teaches us to be aware of our surrounding and to tread lightly when we are in unfamiliar territory. This mask is good for anyone who does much travel in unfamiliar or dangerous territory.

This large RAKU Amikuk mask is a large Mixed media piece. Main body, ears, hands, and labrets are hand sculpted & carved then Raku Fired with custom glazes made by artist. Handmade Dichroic glass beads (made by the artist located on the forehead) represent spirits that influence this being. The teeth, outer feathers, and labret bones are hand sculpted porcelain. The frame is bent hardwood using a traditional bending method and is made of red oak (bent wood frame is attached to mask with Rawhide. The outer feathers are horse hair fired porcelain representing chaos in our traditional spiritual beliefs. The dark turkey feathers and spirit goggles are hand painted and represent spirits in the universe this being can see. Wild turkey feathers are used to represent traditional Owl feathers used. Back of mask painted with spiritual symbols.

This mask sculpture is in the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum and is on permanent display in the Arctic Collection.

Dimensions: 6 feet width X 5 feet height X 18" depth.

Yup'ik Value:

    Qigcikluku nunamta atullerkaa
    Have respect for our land and its resources

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette