This mask teaches us about selfishness, greed, love, and fairness. This mask would be appropriate for anyone who pursues something without regarding the consequences to others and - in the end - to them selves.

This bear spirit mask is made with hand carved Alaskan Birch, red oak, walnut, ebony, variegated mahogany, porcelain, wild turkey feathers, and glass beads made by the artist. Story of this mask is documented, is the property of this mask, and accompanies the sale of this piece. The "stiff" wooden feathers that surround this piece are directly patterned from actual eagle feathers. Federal and State Law prohibits the use of actual eagle feathers so I stiffened the feel of this piece around the edges of the mask and in the hands.

Dimensions: 5 feet width X 5 feet height X 15 inches depth.
Price: $10,000.

Yup'ik Value:

    Ikayurtarluten yullgutevnun
    Be helpful to one another

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette