Arctic Voices

Solo Flute CD by Aarnaquq

Phillip's First Solo Flute CD - Phillip's first long awaited solo flute CD is NOW available. Phillip completed the recording session at the Sun Valley Recording Company. Phillip worked with singer and songwriter Bruce Innes who formed the original group Caste.

Caste had the number one hit with "One Tin Soldier" in 1972 and was used in the movie Billie Jack. Bruce ran the sound, recording equipment, and did the initial mastering for Phillip's CD Arctic Voices.

"Arctic Voices" is primarily influenced by the Alaskan Arctic and features a traditional Yup'ik healing song performed on the flute. To Order, visit MySpace, or Cdbaby, call 541.523.7563 or email. "Arctic Voices" is $15.98 and includes shipping and handling within the US. Checks, money orders, and credit cards are accepted. Please let us know if you want it autographed.

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