Bear Tuunraq mask sculpture

This bear mask was inspired by my father and the life he lived as a law enforcement officer. It teaches us how a strong and beautiful spirit can be disfigured by the life it lead. The story goes with this piece and is for anyone whose strong and beautiful spirit was disfigured by the life it had to live. It reminds us to carefully think about the life path we choose. The life path we choose ultimately shapes the spirit we become and the spirit we must ultimately face.

This functional three dimensional mask is designed to be suspended and rotate in a room or high space; both sides have artwork. Challenge piece (challenged by Coos Art Museum curator to make a functional dance mask out of piece of driftwood), front and back of mask was carved and finish sanded, bear face on back of mask is actually mouth piece to hold the mask for dancing; deer hide strap on back holds mask to face; mask hangs from ceiling so it can be used; clay faces hand sculpted and carved of raku clay; large glass beads fused by the artist; brass whiskers, eyebrows, and eye hand sanded and buffed; paint behind raku faces distressed; porcelain teeth, bones, and spirit on back are hand sculpted and high fired; oak is bent using traditional wood bending method; traditional symbols burned into wood.

This tuunraq mask is made with driftwood, porcelain, raku clay, brass rods, oak, glass beads, glass spirits made by the artist, wild turkey feathers, rawhide, acrylic paint, with wood burned traditional symbols.

Dimensions: 4 feet width X 5 feet height X 8" depth.
Available from: Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu, HI 96817, Ph: 847.351
Price: $8,000.00, includes shipping case

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette