This mask was inspired by discussion of how Tuunraq's are Angels and the musical Group Lamb and their song "Angel Gabriel".


Mixed media sculpture; Face hand sculpted raku clay; porcelain teeth, faces, & hanging bones hand sculpted and high fired; large glass beads on forehead hand fused by artist; oak frame hand bent using traditional bending methods; feathers painted; mask attached to spirit rings with rawhide; and, mounting bracket set up so piece extends 8-12 from wall (shadow represents spirit of the mask). Gabriel is similar in size and shape to the Amikuk mask at the Portland Art Museum.

Dimensions: 5 feet width X 5 feet height X 15 inches depth.
Price: $10,000.

Yup'ik Value:

    Iuvqakiaqluten-llu yuullgutevnek piyugaaqavet
    Share possessions and knowledge with honor

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette