Phillip John Charette

"Aarnaquq", Yup'ik tribe, Alaska

Phillip John Charette's Native American name is "Aarnaquq", which in the Yup'ik language means "The One Who Is Dangerous". Phillip, an Alaskan Native artist and Harvard Graduate, is a well-known artist who is best known for his mixed-media sculptures, which are contemporary renditions of ancient Yup'ik masks.

An all-round craftsman, Aarnaquq also does pottery, printmaking, and flute design. His flutes are made of wood and high-fire clays. In February, 2008, Phillip released his first Native American flute CD, Arctic Voices. Hear clips from that CD at MySpace, or visit Cdbaby to hear clips and purchase.

At the Smithsonian's National Museum Phillip has done research into the art of his Yup'ik ancestors, incorporating his findings into his art and adding to his tribe's cultural heritage.

    Through my artwork, I make this statement
    Aarnaquq Cegg'artuq


Yup'ik masks



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