Getting in touch with my inner Tuunraq
(Helping Spirit)

This three dimensional mask is designed to hang suspended in a room and spin around (artwork on front and back); Driftwood hand carved and finish sanded on front and back; wood inlay incorporated into front of piece; abalone attached to front represent spirits; Raku pieces were hand sculpted; porcelain teeth hand sculpted and high fired; brass spirits around eyes hand sanded and polished; antler mask support (back top of mask) hand cut and polished (allows mask to be danced with) ; traditional symbols burned into wood; acrylic accents hand painted; mask mouth piece carved to fit mouth; deer hide straps give additional support for dancing; and beadwork hand done on small mask.

Materials: Driftwood, low fire raku clay, home formulated raku glazes, high fire porcelain, fused glass, glass beads; brass rods, oak, maple, wood inlay, abalone, wood sealer, acrylic paint, beads, wild turkey feathers, deer hide.

Sold 9/29/06 - Private Collection
Dimensions: 44 h X 28w X 20d

Yup'ik Value:

    Qigcikluki-llu yuullgutvet cautait
    Respect other peoples' property

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette