Old Sea Bird Yua

Hand sculpted and carved low fired clay body/face, bird head, wings, and spirit hands (clay body stained with wood stain and rubbed off of face area); high fired hand sculpted porcelain beak, teeth, and spirit faces; hand bent walnut frame and supports; fused glass beads representing spirits made by the artist; feathers hand painted after photo taken; spirit symbols painted on back of mask; human blood applied to back area of mask.

Low fire clay, porcelain, fused glass, walnut, wild turkey feathers, wood stain, acrylic paints, rawhide, & synthetic sinew.

This mask sculpture is in the permanent collection of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, Oregon

Dimensions: 36w X 45h X 14d.

Completed in May 2006.

Yup'ik Value:

    Caurailngarpeknaci pingnatugturluci
    Always trying, never without

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette