Bear flute

Large custom Native American walnut eagle flute in the key of Low A with walnut stand. This concert quality flute is over 30" long and is tied with Alaskan Caribou hide. The stand has traditional Yup'ik symbols burned into it and is padded with caribou to protect the flute.

After 8 years of making flutes, I have mastered the art of making my own style of concert quality Native American flutes in hardwoods and low fire clays. I now specialize in larger bass flutes because I like the deep sound, the challenge presented in making larger flutes, and the presence these wonderful instruments have. These larger bass flutes have deeper tones and sound wonderful with a good sound system. However, if you are interested in playing a flute outdoors, you may want to look around for a good higher pitched flute which is smaller and better for open air playing. Smaller flutes like the Bedoni style flute are great for open air playing as the higher pitch carries well if you are playing out doors (listen to sample below). A good Native American flute can be purchased at a pow-wow directly from the Native Artist. If you are not able to find a pow-wow, you can go to the The Oregon Flute Store, Native American Flutes and Accessories or you can check with the International Native American Flute Association. Another good source for flutes is Ebay however, if it is important to you, check to make sure that your Native American Flute is actually made by a Native American.

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette