Seal Guardians mask sculpture

Mixed media sculpture; Driftwood hand sanded, painted, nailed into, burned, and attached to shaped piece of wood; high fire porcelain teeth, seal spirits, and fish were hand shaped; fused orange glass beads representing baby salmon spirits were made by the artist; all low fire clay faces and spirit hands were made by artist; fish net floats from family’s old fishing nets were used to represent human life way; fishing net float on top carved to represent a Yup’ik male hunter; feathers hand painted by the artist; spirit being painted on back side of board.

Birch, driftwood, red oak, and walnut wood; raku, low fire, and porcelain clays; home made raku glazes; fused glass; brass nails and brass wire; ivory; wild turkey feathers; fish net floats; and acrylic paints.

AVAILABLE from Northwest by Northwest Gallery, PO Box 1021, Cannon Beach, Oregon, 97110, 1-800-494-0741

Dimensions: 37”w X 58”h X 10”d.

Completed in May 2006.

Yup'ik Value:

    Qigcikluki-llu ciulirneret qanruyutait
    Respect your elders' wisdon and Knowledge

Source and copyright ©: Phillip John Charette