Sid Armstrong

Wash-cauh-ma-thay   Ponca tribe, Oklahoma

Sid Armstrong Native American digital art
Sid Armstrong
Sid Armstrong is from the Ponca tribe of Oklahoma. His art is a mix of digital art and traditional painting.

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My Christian name is Sid Armstrong. My Ponca Native name is Wash-cauh-ma-thay, means strong walk, or walks with effort.
My Mother named me after my Grandfather.
I am a direct descendant of Horse Chief Eagle. The last hereditary Chief of the Poncas. My Mother is Eagle clan, and my father was Buffalo Clan, from the Otoe Missouria.
I have lived in Northern Oklahoma all of my life. My love of art began at an early age in my life. I would paint off and on over the years but didn't really get into it until I went to Haskell Indian Junior College back in the early 70's. I had the privilege of learning Indian Art from Dr. Richard Dick West. He was very talented in his work and teaching. It stayed with me all of my life. I later took watercolor classes to help improve my watercolor technique.
My traditional way of painting I learned with acrylics, watercolor, and tempera.
I now do digital art along with my traditional painting.   All of my prints are done professionally in my paper and ink quality.  I continue to do both styles of painting.
I certainly hope you enjoy my work.  Thank you..

Sid Armstrong

Digital art

Spirit Messenger, Ponca digital art Red Rock Mountains, digital Native American art Hoot Owl, Ponca art
Spirit Horse, Native American art Painting of a Friend, digital art by Sid Armstrong Seven Clans Eagle, digital art by Sid Armstrong
Seven Clans Elk, Native American art Seven Clans Owl, digital art by Sid Armstrong Chicken Dancer, digital art by Sid Armstrong



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