The Spirit Messenger

The Spirit Messenger, digital art by Ponca artist Sid Armstrong
My Grandmother was Owl clan, and a very gifted healer. Her knowledge of herbs and plants in nature were like that of a modern day pharmacist. She would heal people from everywhere. All different tribes. When we wanted a good day to have a feast for a gathering, we would always go to Grandma and ask her to pray for us. We always had good days when she prayed for us. She came from a family that was very gifted in doctoring with faith. Our old people were like prophets.
The Owl has his own power in his own right. The gift to see spirits! My Father being Buffalo Clan taught us well, and made his cross over several years ago. The Buffalo spirit represents him, that's my Grandmother calling him. Very emotional painting. I painted the red desert in the background, with mountains.
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