Cheyenne Artist
9/13/1929 - 4/15/2000

May 13, 1999

Jerome wanted to share with you his "Internet friends" his personal thoughts regarding his life, art and his paintings. On May 13, 1999, Lee Overstreet and myself set out for Jerome's home in El Reno, Oklahoma.

I had prepared a series of questions to ask him and I wanted to make it as quick as possible for him. Jerome was between chemotherapy treatments for liver cancer. He was strong and happy to see us but we did not want to tire him.

We setup and once the camera and tape was rolling Jerome started to talk. He talked nearly straight for two hours and no interview was needed.

Jerome thought very highly of his "Internet friends" and was very happy to hear from you. He was also very pleased that so many school children visited his site. He loved children and often lamented about the world we have left them.

I did very little editing to Jerome's discussion. I think Jerome would have wanted you to experience this conversation as though you were sitting in his living room with him.

Jerome is talking from his heart to you his "Internet friends."

John Kostura

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Jerome gives a brief biographical sketch and talks about his art background.
Vision Seeker
Jerome discusses the meaning of his most popular painting. He also covers visions and the importance of the white buffalo to the Cheyenne.
Warrior's Strength
The importance of the eagle to the warrior and his quest.
Endless Trail
Jerome tells of the Great Spirit giving this painting a special blessing. He also discusses the life of the warrior.
End of Freedom
Discussion of the migration of tribes and why the Cheyenne call the white man the "Spider Man."
Endless Search
Jerome talks about the nature of the warrior, the importance of seeking visions and "the happy hunting ground."
Warrior's Commitment
What it truly means to be a warrior and about the hardship he must bear.
Vision of a New Beginning
Jerome dedicates this painting to the birth of the white buffalo calf. Not all believe in visions and some hide in fear.
The Protector
This painting depicts problems of a migrating tribe getting lost. Jerome covers the Cheyenne belief of evil spirits and the importance of the protector spirit.
The horse and the warrior are one person. The warrior depended on his horse for all his needs.
Morning Prayer
Jerome explains the Native American Church and the sacramental use of peyote. He also discusses the acceptance of the white man, the importance of the American flag and this land to the Native American.
Tradional Dancer
The warrior of the past is given honor by the dress and dance of the modern day traditional dancer.
Closing Statement
Jerome reflects on his life and being an artist. He offers advice to art students.




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