Jerome Bushyhead biography

Coyote Walks By

9/13/1929 - 4/15/2000

Cheyenne Tribe

"Coyote Walks By" is the English meaning for the Cheyenne Indian name of Jerome Bushyhead. He has been a professional Artist since 1970. Jerome is a nationally recognized artist for his excellent interpretation of the life of the Plains Indians with his original works starting at $5,000.

Joanne Harris of the Shreveport Times, in her review of Jerome Bushyhead's work, dated February 17, 1991, stated:

"In style, Bushyhead is basically a representational artist, even when dealing with visionary elements. At times, his work takes on a quality of superrealism."

"Clearly, Bushyhead identifies with the Indian hunter/warrior, the provider of sustenance and safety for his people. But it is the hunter's identification with his prey - characteristic of almost all primitive hunting societies - that the artist has so vividly depicted to capture our imagination."

"Probably the best thing about Bushyhead's works is that they are good, solid, mainstream art. He avoids the gimmicky, cliche-ridden kind of Indian art that is seen to frequently, particularly with the current "Southwest-style" home decor."

"These are works that will endure regardless of fads and trends."

Business Manager
Mari Bushyhead
109 W. Jenkins
El Reno, Oklahoma 73036

Subject Matter of Specialty
Cheyenne and Plains Indians Beliefs. These include Spiritual topics and the Path of the Warrior.

Acrylic Paints on Canvas

Published Prints
Eleven (11) Prints
Twelve (12) Note Cards
Five (5) Book Marks

Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana

Calumet, Oklahoma
September 13, 1929

El Reno, Oklahoma
April 15, 2000

Producer and Host of his own television show "Unity", KTVY, Oklahoma City, eight years.

Director of the Oklahoma State Fair Indian Program since 1976.

Hosted a radio program on Station KELR, El Reno Oklahoma, entitled "The Indian Nation Hour" for five years.

Founded the Cheyenne Nation Arts and Crafts Show and Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow in 1972, which has become a National Event.

Co-Founder of the Oklahoma Indian Art League, Inc.

His Painting, "The Worshipping Warrior", appeared on the cover of the 1974 summer issue of the "Chronicles of Oklahoma" magazine published by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

He is noted for being the spokesman for all Indians charged in April 1974 with "Feather Violations" by the U.S. Wildlife Commission. Jerome was the primary force in the Indians fight to retain the right to use the feathers. He appeared on both local and national TV in his efforts to ensure the right was restored to the Indian people.

Jerome worked with the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma as the Public Information Director.

Worked with the Pacific International Enterprises Movie Company on "Wind Walker" from 1980- 81.

He lectured at schools, colleges, organizations, communities and had been involved with charitable work such as providing a painting to the Los Angeles Indian Actors Association for a raffle to provide funds for a National Tour.




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