Jerome Bushyhead (1929-2000)

Coyote Walks By, Cheyenne Tribe

"Glad to have you! Welcome to the world of the Southern Cheyenne.

My paintings depict the life of the Plains Indian. As my paintings show - life on the plains was a very hard way to live.

You learned to respect the environment and learned to respect the animals that are part of your life. Many of these animals provided life to the Cheyenne."

Jerome Bushyhead - Coyote Walks By  

Biography & Review || The Passing of Jerome

Interview May 13, 1999
- Jerome discusses each of his
paintings and his life as a Southern Cheyenne.

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Jerome Bushyhead, Native American art
Traditional Dancer
Jerome Bushyhead, Vision Seeker
Vision Seeker
Native American paintings
Morning Prayer
Cheyenne Indian art
Warrior's Strength
Cheyenne Plains Indians
Endless Trail
Jerome Bushyhead, End of Freedom
End of Freedom
Native American Indian art
Endless Search
Cheyenne, Indian tribe art
Warrior's Commitment
Jerome Bushyhead, Native art
Vision of a New Beginning
Native American artwork
Jerome Bushyhead, Native American artist
The Protector
Native American artists
Painting Attributed to
Jerome Bushyhead (1970)
Native American teepee Indian tribe Teepee, Nativr American spirit Cheyenne tribe

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