When We Dance, the Spirits Dance

Native American painting by L. David Eveningthunder

When We Dance, the Spirits Dance

David Eveningthunder


Title: When We Dance, the Spirits Dance
Type: Mixed Media

"When We Dance, the Spirits Dance" depicts both the physical and metaphysical aspects of dance at a contemporary Pow Wow.

Portrayed in this picture are a traditional dancer, a mother and her child, and a fancy dancer, surrounded by ethereal spirits. It is said that the spirits of our ancestors are with us at all times, and that when we do good, they are happy and smile upon us.

When we pass on our heritage and culture to our children in today's Pow Wows, it is a blessing and honoring to both the spirits and our children, who will in turn pass it on to their children. That is why we say, "When We Dance, the Spirits Dance."




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