Dzunukwa Transformation Mask

wood carving

Dzunukwa Transformation Mask - wood carving by Troy Roberts
This mask represents the child-eating denizen of the forests. The circular hollows in the cheeks, the exaggerated pursed lips, and hair springing energetically from the head are typical of the dzunukwa. Dzunukwa, one of a large family of giants, lives in the faraway mountains and forests and is black in color, with bushy unkempt hair and a pursed mouth through which she utters the cry "huuu, huuu, huuu".

She is a complex character in the dancing Society of the Weiwaikum First Nation.

She is known to be less than alert and certainly clumsy. Although she appears to be sleeping most of the time, she was a horrid and threatening figure. On her back she carried a basket in which she collected children and then took them home to eat. The children, however, usually outwitted her as she was clumsy and not so smart.

In another aspect, Dzunukwa controlled the "Magic Water of Life" a gift she bestowed on a family that was able to wrestle her secrets from her. Her most important role was that of bringing Wealth and Good Fortune.

Carved from western red cedar with abalone inlay, acrylic paint and varathane.

Dzunukwa Transformation Mask
Length - 16 1/2"
Width - 26"
Depth - 12"

This piece is in a private collection and is not for sale. Please contact us if you would like Troy to create a similar piece for you.
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