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Jerome Bushyhead
1929 - 2000
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Phillip John Charette
Yup'ik Tribe
Jarrod Da
San Ildefonso Pueblo
Sid Armstrong
Ponca Tribe

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Troy Roberts
Weiwakum Band
Michael Cruz
Cayuga Nation


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ArtNatAm: American Indian Art Exhibit

Welcome to the Native American Artists' Home Page!

Please take the time to enjoy the unique art of these truly American Artists. Indian Art is by nature deeply spiritual and symbolic. To fully appreciate the meaning conveyed by each art work requires time. The artist has added their own words to each painting to assist you.

Only Native American Artists are presented at this site. This is a juried collection of works.

The variety and quality of artists' work speaks for itself. Please feel welcome and enjoy yourself!

Tips on visiting ArtNatAm
A good place to start is with the Art Gallery Listing. Each artist has their own exhibit. On their page you will find a link to their biography and a thumbnail listing of the works on exhibit.

By clicking on the thumbnail or the title of the art work you will be taken to a detail page for the art work. Near the bottom of this page is the ordering information for the print. You will also find a navigation menu for your convenience.

Please note that all images displayed are copyrighted by the individual artist and this site. For additional information see: Using Images from ArtNatAm.


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