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ArtNatAm is an Art Tribe that welcomes Native American artists to exhibit their work. All forms of Native American art are now welcomed, including painting, sculpture, crafts, jewelry, pottery, music, poetry, storytelling, etc. Please contact us if you are a quality Native American artist, or if you have access to Native American related material that will enrich this site. has existed since 1995 as one of the first Native American art sites, promoting Native American art. You may (but don't have to) sell your work using this site, at no cost to you.
Formerly restricted to fine art, ArtNatAm is now interested in exhibiting all forms of Native American culture.
We require that you send us good photos of your artworks. Please visit our art photography page for tips on how to make a photo of an artwork.

Many people that visit ArtNatAm are interested in seeing Native American art, but would also like to know more about the Native American culture in general. Every day, hundreds of school kids use ArtNatAm as a reference for their projects and assignments. As you can see on the pages starting at, ArtNatAm's present artists describe their artworks in the context of their tribe's culture. See also, where Jerome Bushyhead is interviewed by John Kostura, resulting in a rich description of the culture of the Cheyenne Plains Indian.
No matter where else you have your art exhibited online, is the Internet's #1 Native American Art site, so it pays to put in the extra effort. For questions, suggestions, comment or information, contact ArtNatAm.


  • Must Qualify as a Native American Artist

      Please send me a copy of your tribal membership card (status card, for Canadians) or the document that says your tribe recognizes you as a Native American artisan. This is necessary to ensure that everyone exhibiting on ArtNatAm is really Native American. Please send your copy by email.
      If you don't have a tribal membership card, then you may not be a registered member of your tribe yet. Please contact your tribe's enrollment department on how to become a registered member. They will guide you through the process of how to prove your Native American ancestry.
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  • ArtNatAm is not an image gallery. You must provide elaborate, written descriptions of your artworks.
  • You Must have good quality photos of artworks
  • You Must Own the Copyright to Your Work.
    This sounds more complicated than it is, because you naturally own your art's copyright, unless you have signed it over to a third party (please contact me if in doubt).
    One way to copyright your art is to become a member of the (Artists Right Society), see for how to become a member.
  • Be Approved by a Majority of the Artists
If you're interested, please contact ArtNatAm now.