Using Images from ArtNatAm

All images on ArtNatAm are digitized from works copyrighted by the artists and are not in the public domain. The images on ArtNatAm may be downloaded and used on other sites in accordance with the following guidelines.

Guidelines for using images from ArtNatAm:

  1. images may not be used as backgrounds, wallpaper, screen savers, awards or postcards;

  2. artwork cannot be used in any printed material without written permission from the artist;

  3. art work may be used in academic (non commercial) audio/visual presentations;

  4. do not link to the image, download the image to your server;

  5. the image may not be cropped or modified in any way;

  6. the copyright of the artist should be posted with the image;

  7. a link must be provided back to the artist's exhibit;

  8. the image may not be used commercially or for profit without the expressed written consent of the artist and ArtNatAm;

  9. the artist and ArtNatAm reserve the right to ask that images be removed from any site that contains offensive or inappropriate material;

  10. all of the above guidelines must be agreed to and followed.
The intent of the above guidelines is to protect the integrity of the art work, the rights of the artist and assist in marketing the artist's art exhibit. If you find someone in violation of these guidelines, please politely direct them to this page.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if I can answer any questions for you. I can be reached by e-mailed at

Examples with HTML Tags
Here are a few examples of using images from ArtNatAm. These are just examples and do not have to be followed. Please feel free to use your own format.

Copyright © Urshel Taylor
<FONT SIZE="-1">
<IMG SRC="n-ut001.jpg" BORDER=1><BR>
Copyright &copy; 
<A HREF="">
Urshel Taylor</A>

"End of Freedom" © Jerome Bushyhead
Click here for Jerome's Art Exhibit.

<IMG SRC="n-jb001.jpg" BORDER=0><BR>
<B><I>"End of Freedom"</I></B> &copy; Jerome Bushyhead<BR>
<A HREF="">
Click here for Jerome's Art Exhibit.</A>
Link information for ArtNatAm and each artist:

ArtNatAm - Native American Artists

<A HREF="">
ArtNatAm - Native American Artists</A>

Jerome Bushyhead

<A HREF="">
Jerome Bushyhead</A>

L. David Eveningthunder

<A HREF="">
L. David Eveningthunder</A>

Urshel Taylor

<A HREF="">
Urshel Taylor</A>

Dana Tiger

<A HREF="">
Dana Tiger</A>



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