Joanne Swanson

Kin'ughan Inupiaq Eskimo, Unalakleet Village

As a child I often thought of painting. One time I did a pencil sketch of Gregory Peck and, to this day, wished I had kept it.

I was a bookworm. I read the Book of Knowledge from A to Z. I taught my children Jason and Ana Lee how to love to reading.

My absolute fondest childhood memory is of the brilliant, soft, glistening sparkle of "Alaska Cotton" floating in the gentle water in the mid-morning sun. The sunlight playfully peeked from behind the trees.

Watercolor is my medium of choice. Challenge is a catalyst. I knew from the beginning if I didn't punch in the right numbers as you must in an algebraic equation I would not get it right. You need to know the basic principles of color and design to paint well. Never give up studying.

My inspiration comes from having lived in rural Alaska. My ideas are endless. When someone views my paintings I want them to think "I've been there . . . I remember."

Joanne Swanson

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Moon and Candlelight

Tusks and Tradebeads

The Wind & The Washboard

Christmas Decorating

Bowhead Whaling

Berry Spray

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