Computer Image vs. Art Work

"It is absolutely impossible for a Computer Image, to perfectly capture the richness and detail of the Art Work. The Computer Images have been limited to a maximum of 256 colors and a screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Even if it were possible to perfectly digitize an art work, the Computer Images would still appear different from one computer monitor to another."

The above paragraph was written back in 1995 and computer graphics have certainly changed over the years. The new standard appears to be a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with True Color (32 bit color).

Why have the images not been up graded to the new graphic's standard at ArtNatAm? There are two reasons.

First, since our pages contain a lot of graphics, keeping the image size (kilobytes) as small as possible aids in displaying them quickly on the Internet.

The second reason is to inhibit copyright violations of the artists work. Anyone that downloads the images on ArtNatAm and prints them out does not have a true copy of the art work. Having the digital image at 640 x 480, 256 colors is part of a the written agreement with the artists and ArtNatAm.

Every attempt has been made to represent the spirit and maintain the integrity of the Art Work. Detailed images are available for each art work to further enable you the viewer to receive a better feel for the subtleties and detail of the Art Work and the skill of the Artist.

The Thunder Bird bead work in Icon form below can be used to color balance the Computer Images with your monitor. The head of the Thunderbird is white on a blue background. The center is black, followed by yellow, red, and dark red rings. The last ring contains black and blue beads.



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